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2017. Every february the town of Manresa celebrates 'El Miracle de la Misteriosa Llum' (The miracle of the misterious light), which claims that in 1345 an unusual light came from the mountain of Montserrat and entered the church of Església del Carme. That event, interpreted as a divine sign, ended up solving the construction standstill of an irrigation canal, solving the water drought the town was suffering. Water and light became since then the symbols of this holiday in Manresa. 

Mullalallum is a light installation in the old town of Manresa, under a covered passage near the church of Esglesia del Carme. Recreating the effect of a miraculous leak, a series of buckets collect the filtration emanating from the vault, combining water and light in one single element.

Project done in collaboration with AiEM research group from ETSAB-UPC (Marta López, Judit López i Xavier Solsona) for the ‘Festa de La Llum 2017’ in Manresa.